Virtual Quilt Show

All attendees are welcome to submit up to two quilts to the Virtual Quilt Show. Please be prepared to provide the following information about your quilt(s):

  • Quilt name
  • Pattern designer (or original design)
  • Quilter, if other than yourself
  • An artists’ statement or brief history of the quilt. (Limit of 50 words)
  • Up to five photos for each quilt. We recommend an overall view of the quilt along with several close-ups of interesting details.

The deadline for submitting quilts for the Virtual Quilt Show is February 3, 2024.

Because you will be asked to upload photos of your quilt(s), you will need to log in to your Google account. If you do not have one, you may ask someone else to submit quilts on your behalf.

Virtual Quilt Show Submissions are Open